VIDEO Cheddar Gorge “drifters” risking jail


Drifting in Cheddar Gorge

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Cheddar Gorge “drifters” risk jail for high speed driving on public road

21 February 2016 Last updated at 19:05 GMT

A group of men are risking jail for driving dangerously around the winding roads of the Cheddar Gorge in Somerset, police have warned.

The pastime, known as “drifting”, involves driving at high speed and is illegal when done on public roads.

One drifting enthusiast, who wished to remain anonymous, said drifting was “dangerous” and there had been “close calls” but “there hadn”t been a crash to date”.

Another enthusiast said safety precautions were taken and the group worked “all year round” to build and prepare the cars.

“We don”t build them to smash them up and harm people, we come up here out of the way.”

Drifters say they are forced to take to public roads because private landowners and race tracks will not let them practise off-road.

An Avon and Somerset Police spokesman said they could be charged with various offences such as dangerous driving and “could even go to prison”.

He said drifting on public roads put lives at risk and the gorge was not a suitable location, but he said police would be supportive if they found a more suitable place to practise.

You can see more on Inside Out West on BBC One in the West region at 19:30 GMT on Monday 22 February. It is then available on the BBC iPlayer for 28 days.