Doctors are plotting strike mayhem over NHS row


The British Medical Association has called for “escalating” strikes over controversial new contracts being imposed on junior doctors.

The union urged members to pile pressure on the Government in the pay dispute.

It has also drawn up a plan for legal action if Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt introduces the new terms in August.

Mr Hunt warned earlier this month he would impose the contracts with a new pay deal and changes in working hours.

The BMA made the call for the new walkouts after 10 days of talks that came to a head yesterday in its junior doctors’ committee.

Dr Johann Malawana wrote: “JDC has made the clear decision that further industrial action is inevitable and that we will consider escalating any action to achieve our aim to end the imposition.”

He said the union would issue a warning of industrial action to the NHS “in very short order”.

But patient groups fear the latest fullscale walkout action threatened could see A&E departments shut down.

The row over new contracts came to a head after doctors held two 24-hour strikes in January and February.