Guy who’s never run a marathon before runs 50miles through a canyon eating and drinking beer


The thought of running even half a mile after consuming mega carbs and downing a beer would probably make the best of us squeal.

But one man, who has never run a marathon before, decided to take up the challenge and did it through a scorching hot canyon.

Oh, and he ran not for one or two miles, but for FIFTY, talking the entire time, wearing jean shorts, eating a buffet and downing a beer during his halfway break.

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Guy who

Jesse took up the challenge of running an ultra marathon, despite never having run long-distances in his life (Picture: YouTube/Jess Weber)

The EPIC run took place in the Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River in Arizona on Saturday.

Along with 300 other runners, Jesse Weber decided to film his entire experience to show how not to run an ultra marathon.

Guy who

Jesse runs across sand and rock, through caves and over hills (Picture : YouTube/Jesse Weber)

The hilarious footage begins with the food-lover being unable to touch his toes and then, flaunting his jean shorts, he says: ‘Looking good is half the battle’.

Jesse runs across sand and rock, through caves and over hills, all while donning his ultra short jean hotpants.

Guy who

Check out those legs though (Picture: YouTube/Jesse Weber)

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He even demolishes a grilled cheese sandwich, oreo cookies and cheesecake along the way.

At mile 40, it all gets a bit too much for the fearless runner and he admits ‘everything hurts’.

Guy who

Jesse: ‘I regret nothing’ (Picture: YouTube/Jesse Weber)

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But not before tucking in to a massive pickle fried ham quesadilla.

Shortly before the end, the food-lover says: ‘I regret nothing’.

What a champ.