LIVE PM”s head on clash with Boris Johnson as he defends EU deal ‘fiasco’ in Commons



After last week’s marathon European Council summit, from which Mr Cameron finally returned with an agreement from the 27 other EU leaders, the Prime Minister will report back to MPs with a statement on his reform package from 3.30pm.

But the Prime Minister is in for a rough ride from his own MPs, with almost half of Tory MPs set to reject his ‘watered-down’ deal.

Downing Street fear 150 out of 330 Tory MPs will turn their backs on Mr Cameron’s renegotiation and vote for Brexit.

This includes five full Cabinet ministers, the Mayor of London and around 20 junior Government ministers.

Eurosceptic Tory backbenchers have already given Mr Cameron a hard time over his renegotiation efforts, with former defence secretary Liam Fox branded them “a wasted opportunity of truly historic proportions” and a “fiasco”.

Mr Johnson yesterday handed a huge boost to the campaign to get Britain out of the EU at the upcoming in/out referendum on June 23 by declaring his support for Brexit.

The MP’s announcement, putting an end to weeks of speculation, came despite a last-ditch plea from Mr Cameron to persuade Mr Johnson to back his renegotiation.

Sources close to Mr Johnson – who has effectively put himself at the head of the Leave campaign by announcing his support – confirmed he is due to attend today’s Commons statement by the Prime Minister and will seek to ask a question.

Mr Cameron is also likely to face attacks over whether his renegotiation deal could face a challenge from EU judges or even be struck down entirely by the European Parliament when MEPs vote on new legislation.