The man who loved fast food so much he became Mr Bacon Double Cheeseburger


A man formerly known as Simon Smith decided he wanted to be known as Bacon Double Cheeseburger.

Mr Double Cheeseburger said a name was “the least important part of your personality” because it was “given to you by someone else”.

He added: “Bacon Double Cheeseburger was the first name I came up with.”

But the 33-year-old, from Muswell Hill, London, will have a tougher time convincing his fiancee, Isabella, 32, to become Mrs Double Cheeseburger.

The record number of people changing their names comes with reasons ranging from the odd to the serious.

Football fans have changed their names to pay tribute to their heroes.

“New” Lionel Messi’s, Christiano Ronaldos and Wayne Rooneys all feature in the deed polls, while one father and son pair both changed their name to Queens Park Rangers in tribute to the west London club.

And some people showed their love for fictional characters – such as Penelope Pitstop and Bruce Wayne – while a married couple became Mr And Mrs Amazing.

Meanwhile, there’s also bizarre names like Sarge Metalfatigue and Simply MyLove Poet.

But there are people with serious reasons to change their names.

Women fleeing abusive ex partners, transgender people making their names in line with their new sex, people in same-sex marriages and immigrants anglicising their names all feature.

Louise Bowers, of Deed Poll Services, said: “One man changed his name to Happy Birthday. It gives us a chuckle but if that is what they want to do, it’s their choice.

“We’ve noticed an increase in people who want to get married but cannot afford it, so change their names.

“Some people simply don’t like their original names – we’ve changed Cock to Cox and Smellie to Smiley.”

Any name can be used, providing it is not intended to defraud or deceive, is unpronounceable, includes numbers or symbols, is offensive vulgar or blasphemous or does not contain a first name and a surname and it costs £33 for an adult and £35 for a child.