These Mother’s Day cards are seriously inappropriate


These Mother


Yesterday, we told you about what might just be the worst Mother’s Day card we’ve ever set eyes on.

In short, it had some horrifying incest-laden undertones and we’re only just coming to terms with it.

But the problem, it seems, is far greater – and there’s some real monstrosities out there in the world of Mother’s Day cards.

Here’s just a few of the worst Mother’s Day cards that we’ve had the misfortune of setting eyes on.

There’s this, which just seems like it would be responsible for untold levels of awkwardness. Buy it at your peril.

These Mother


These Mother

Slightly sweet, slightly sinister.

These Mother

Bit of a theme emerging here

These Mother


These Mother

Again, a sobering reminder of your roots – and something that your mum would probably rather not be reminded of.

funny inappropriate mother

Probably best to stick to a traditional greeting, yeah?