Who are you? Tories mock Corbyn with Commons jibe and Burnham can”t stifle a chuckle


Conservative politicians demeaned the Labour leader when they heckled: “Who are you?” and “who are ya?” when he attempted to tell them about his recent visit to Brussels.

Corbyn was quickly interrupted when he said: “Last week, like him [David Cameron], I was in Brussels meeting with leaders of European socialist parties.

“One of whom said to me..”

To which an already nervy House of Commons erupted into laughter for at least 20 seconds as one mockingly shouted “who are you?” at the Europhile.

And embarrassingly Corbyn’s own colleagues Andy Burnham and Angela Eagle failed to keep a straight face, as they were caught on camera appearing to chuckle and smirk behind him.

The Labour leader was then forced to try and continue as the Tories laughed in the background, saying: “No… what they said Mr Speaker…”

But after pausing for a few seconds, he went on: “Mr Speaker if the party opposite would care to think for a moment about what’s going on.

“One person said to me and I thought it was quite profound. He said we are discussing the future of a continent, and one English Tory has reduced it to the issue of taking away benefits from workers and children.

“The reality Mr Speaker is that this entire negotiation has not been about the challenges facing this continent, neither has it been about the issues facing Britain, but its been a theatrical sideshow about trying to appease or failing to appease half of the prime minister’s own Conservative Party.”

But Prime Minister David Cameron simply responded by welcoming Labour’s support for remaining in the EU, joking that if Corbyn carries on he will be “accused of being a member of the Establishment”.