Bloodied woman grabbed by throat and slammed into wall in disturbing arrest video


A cop grabs Tiffany Tebo by the throat, appears to slam her against a wall and leaves her cuffed on the ground in a pool of her own blood.

The footage begins with a police officer and another man accusing the bemused-looking blonde outside a department store of shoplifting.

“Yeah you bought the shirt but what about the shoes,” says one man, poking his finger inside the 29-year-old”s shopping bag.

The body cam footage was released by police following the tussle in Port Richey in Florida outside the Bealls department store on Friday.

“I”m all bruised up and banged up everywhere,” said 5ft 6in Ms Tebo after the arrest, speaking to local broadcaster 10 News.

“He”s a bigger man. He didn”t need to do any of that.”

Ms Tebo was left with four staples to mend the wound.

Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco claimed the footage backs up the actions by his deputy.

Mr Nocco said: “We”re trying to put handcuffs on her, she’s trying to fight.

“I know people will say she’s tiny but a lot of tiny people cause harm.

“She is the one who caused this whole incident to occur from the initial of her creating a theft within the store to the fact that she disobeyed the orders and would not comply.”

At no point does the officer read out the riot act – known as the Miranda Warning in USA – during the footage.

It is unclear whether Ms Tebo will still be prosecuted for a shoplifting charge.