BREAKING Military prison at Guantanamo Bay to close


The White House unveiled its plans to close the prison based in Cuba. 

A senior administration official said: “It’s time to bring this chapter of American history to a close.” 

President Obama previously said he would close the detention facility at the Cuban prison as one if his first acts in office.

However, seven years later, he is finally presenting a plan on how he will go about doing it. 

The White House will submit the plan to Congress today on its strategy to finally close it. 

The Pentagon plan to close the US prison would transfer detainees to any of 13 potential sites on US soil, but does not endorse a specific one. 

The prisoners, held at a U.S. naval station in southeastern Cuba, were detained by U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. It came to symbolize aggressive detention practices in years past that opened the United States to allegations of torture.

The transfer and closure costs would be $290 million to $475 million, an official told reporters on a conference call. Housing remaining detainees in the United States would be $65 million to $85 million cheaper than at the Cuba facility, the official said, so costs would be offset in three to five years.

Some 35 prisoners will be transferred from Guantanamo to other countries this year, leaving the final number below 60, officials said.

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