Cancer on the rise in England as 813 people are diagnosed every day

Cancer on the rise in England as 813 people are diagnosed every day
Many cancers could be prevented by making small lifestyle changes (Picture: MailOnline)

Cancer is on the rise in England with the latest statistics from the ONS suggested 813 people are diagnosed every day.

Images with permission of photographer who is 17 and has asked not to be named ASTONISHING pictures show a woman smoking crack cocaine on a bus in broad daylight in Scotlandís most famous shopping street. The brunette crouches on the top deck as she inhales the Class A, highly-addictive drug from a pipe - as lunchtime shoppers stroll by in Princes Street, Edinburgh. The pictures were taken by a startled 17-year-old who was asked by the woman when she sat down on the back seat: ìDo you smoke crack cocaine?î The woman, wearing a black jacket with a furry hood, and large hoop earrings, is seen in two pictures. In the first, she can be seen squatting, facing the back of the Number 26 Lothian bus, in the space between the back seat and the seat in front. There is a faint smile on her face as she prepares the pipe. The brunette, thought to be aged 30 - 40, is seen in the second picture inhaling from the pipe, at the top of which is a white substance. A piece of discarded cling film, normally used wrap the ìrocksî, lies next to her handbag. The photographer posted the images to social media on Friday, writing: ìNot everyday someone starts smoking crack at the back of your bus .î

Woman ‘caught smoking crack on bus in broad daylight’

The Office for National Statistics recorded 300,000 cases of cancer in 2014, and said breast cancer, followed by prostate and lung cancer, accounted for the largest proportion of cancer registrations in England.

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