“Choccy horror”


Newspaper headlines: Mars recall, EU referendum and junior doctors

Image caption The recall of chocolate products across 55 countries by confectioner Mars makes several front pages. The action - taken after a piece of plastic was discovered in a Snickers bar in Germany - leads the Daily Star to declare a "choccy horror".
Image caption The Metro also says it"s a case of "Mars barred", although the action was taken by the company. Mars said it was taking back the products because it could not be sure plastic hadn"t found its way into other bars.
Image caption As the Daily Mirror points out, the company feared there could be a choking hazard in other bars made in the same Dutch plant as the offending Snickers. The paper"s front-page photograph shows a couple who have won more than £30m on the National Lottery.
Image caption The Sun also leads on the lottery win, the second biggest ever in Britain. It reports the ex-wife of winner Gerry Cannings saying she wouldn"t get back together with him, even in light of his new-found fortune.
Image caption The referendum to decide whether the UK should remain within the European Union continues to make headlines. The Daily Express finds "another reason to quit" in figures showing 110,000 migrants have arrived in the EU since the turn of the year.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph also reports the figures from the International Organization for Migration. However, its lead story reports the contents of an open letter from 13 former senior commanders of Britain"s armed forces which declares the country to be safer as part of the EU.
Image caption "A nation divided" is how the Times sums up the public"s view of EU membership. Its view is based on the results of a poll it says saw 38% backing a "Brexit" and 37% in favour of sticking with the Brussels bloc.
Image caption The Guardian leads on the British Medical Association"s declaration that junior doctors will walk out on strike on a further three occasions in the next two months.
Image caption As the i points out, the doctors have stepped up their action in the dispute over plans to restructure their pay and working week. The planned strikes are to last 48 hours, rather than the 24 in previous walkouts.
Image caption The Daily Mail reports from a farming conference which heard from senior figures in the food industry that it"s becoming increasingly difficult to buy meat from animals which have not not reared on genetically modified food.
Image caption German stock market Deutsche Borse is in talks to take over the London Stock Exchange Group, according to the Financial Times.
Image caption The Independent"s front page focuses on US President Barack Obama"s "last-ditch" attempt to complete his promise of closing the American naval base in Cuba"s Guantanamo Bay, which has been used to house terror suspects.

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