Coupon queen saves £4k each year on food shopping


Coupon queen saves £4k each year on food shopping

Sammy Hancock enjoys searching the internet for coupons (Picture: Caters)

This queen of the coupons saves £4,000 on her shopping each year.

Sammy Hancock, 28, pays as little as £7 for her family’s weekly groceries by collecting online coupons and hunting for reduced products.

She spends hours online looking for discounts, tallying loyalty card points and even rummaging for items that are near their sell-by dates.

One of her biggest savings was a free £80 voucher for Debenhams for simply registering purchases she had bought online.

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Sammy Hancock

She saves £4k each year apparently (Picture: Caters)

‘Coupons help me save a lot of money, I print everyone I can find even if I don’t need them just in case,’ Ms Hancock, from Alton, Hampshire, said.

‘It’s really incredible the amount of money you can save just by using coupons and keeping an eye out for bargains.’

Within 12 months of taking couponing seriously she claims to have paid £400 for more than £4,000 worth of shopping for her and mum, Diane, 52, and Dave, 53.

Ms Hancock first started using coupons three years ago and believes supermarket chain Tesco is one of the best places to utilise them.

‘A lot of what I do requires planning, like in January I bought a lot of wrapping paper ready for Christmas for pennies,’ she added.

As well as groceries she’s been able to save on £150 a year on restaurant meals and even major attractions like Thorpe Park where she pays £12.50 rather than the full price ticket of £40.00.

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