Frivolous Kim Jongun faces military coup after overspending on nukes


The international community were outraged when the tubby tyrant gave his fourth nuclear test the green light — going against the United Nations.

And it appears the anger is starting to filter through to his own ranks.

It is alleged that the notoriously harsh leader could be overthrown by senior members amongst his military if he fails to reel in his spending and whip North Korea”s unstable economy into shape.

But their actions had already sparked international outrage.

Launched just a month after the , many alleged that the satellite was in fact disguised ballistic missile test — launched to provoke neighbouring South Korea and its allies.

In addition, US experts estimated the big spender may have about 10 nuclear bombs – but that could grow to between 20 and 100 by 2020.

Now Jong-un”s Workers’ Party is said to be teetering on collapse due to poor progress on its economic promises, according to South Korean press.

The allegations were made in a Seoul-commissioned report titled A Study on the Party-Military Relations of the Kim Jong-Un Regime, according to the Yon hap News Agency.

It stated: “The stability of the Kim regime and party-military relations hinges on the country’s economic growth and continued military spending.

“In the event of an economic failure, a shift in the Kim regime could emerge as the military — rather than regular North Koreans — would first demand a shift in party-military relations or call for a military-centric order.”

And the damning report revealed that Jong-Un’s rule may not be as powerful as he would like outsiders to believe and that the military are increasingly influent in some areas — more so than the dictator.