Gloves off in referendum debate


Newspaper headlines: Gloves off in referendum debate

Image caption As the opening blows are landed in the EU referendum debate, the Daily Telegraph says the Conservative truce collapsed as David Cameron "let rip" at Boris Johnson and cabinet ministers openly criticised one another. The paper says Mr Cameron used a Commons appearance to condemn London Mayor Mr Johnson.
Image caption The Guardian follows a similar line, saying that the prime minister gave vent to his frustration at Mr Johnson as he "ridiculed the mayor of London over his apparent call for a second EU referendum and came close to accusing him of backing a leave vote to boost his Tory leadership chances".
Image caption "Cameron takes aim at Boris": The Independent says Mr Cameron suggested Mr Johnson put his political ambition to lead the Conservative Party ahead of the interests of the country when he came out in favour of a UK exit from the EU.
Image caption The Daily Mail accuses Mr Cameron of turning "nasty". "The Tories were at war over the EU last night after an astonishing revenge attack by the prime minister on Boris Johnson," says the Mail. In a packed Commons chamber, Mr Cameron accused his long-standing rival of backing the Out campaign solely to further his dream of becoming PM, it adds.
Image caption With a nod to The Jam, the Metro labels the pair as the "Eton rivals". The paper sums it up as: "Gloves off as Dave biffs school chum Boris. Johnson blasts back: "PM is talking rubbish"."
Image caption "On your bike, Boris," says the i as it pictures the mayor taking to his cycle. The paper says Mr Cameron accused Mr Johnson of putting political ambition before the national interest, and there was fury in the Commons as the prime minister used the EU debate to deliver a personal attack.
Image caption The Sun dubs the spat as "NoGo v BoJo" as the "Brexit war gets personal". But it leads with a story saying that the new £15m EastEnders set will include a mosque. A source said the set will be "as authentic as east London today".
Image caption The Daily Express reports that polling experts have said Mr Johnson"s "charge into the referendum debate" has massively boosted the chances of Britain quitting the EU. The "Boris effect" has electrified the campaign and is set to influence millions of voters, the Express concludes.
Image caption The bosses of more than a third of the UK"s 100 biggest companies have written to the Times calling for the country to remain in the EU, "echoing the prime minister"s warning that a "Brexit" would put the economy at risk". The paper says this provides a boost for Mr Cameron as he fights to put his referendum campaign back on track.
Image caption The Financial Times reports that the pound hit a seven-year low as the prime minister defended the UK"s membership of the EU against a "rising tide of opposition within his own Conservative party".
Image caption The Daily Mirror leads on the jailing for life of a woman who murdered her boyfriend because she felt he spent too much time on Facebook. The front page also flags up the "Cam versus Boris clash in the Commons".
Image caption The Daily Star says in an exclusive that Declan Donnelly, of Ant and Dec fame, has spoken for the first time about his marriage - and revealed why he was not wearing his wedding ring on television at the weekend. The paper also says that bookmakers are tipping Boris Johnson to take over as prime minister by the end of the year.

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