Hitlerloving Russian hooligan gangs target England fans at Euro 2016


Hordes of thugs from Moscow rivals Spartak and CSKA will unite to launch terrifying assaults on Three Lions fans attending the group game against Russia in France.

Black and Asian fans attending the match in Marseille in June face being targeted by the racist yobs hell-bent on trouble.


The gangs are dominated by neo-Nazi”s despite Hitler”s brutal treatment of Russians during the Second World War which claimed the lives of 25 million soldiers and civilians.

Polish and Ukrainian fans also pose a threat to the tournament in France.

Ukrainian domestic football is not only dogged with violence but also has unsavoury incidents of fans unfurling giant swastika flags and other Nazi symbols at matches and standing to give stomach-churning Hitler salutes.

In 2010 a fan was stabbed to death by Dynamo Kiev extremists as others chanted “Heil Hitler”.

Hooligans in Lviv paraded with SS banners calling for “a white Europe”.

Euro 2012 was marred by violence between Russian and Polish fans and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office warned ethnic minorities from the UK to be on their guard against racial violence.

Brit police expect at least half a million UK supporters to travel to the summer tournament Senior officers are concerned about policing matches across France.

In the wake of the November terror attacks on Paris former Olympics minister Tessa Jowell had suggested reducing the number of host cities from 10 to six to make the tournament easier to police.