Homes earning more than owners


The proportion of local council areas where house values are outpacing owners’ salaries has increased in the past year, from 19 per cent to 28 per cent, research shows.

The area with the largest gap between house price rises and earnings is Three Rivers, in Hertfordshire.

On average owners saw properties increase in value by £148,000 in two years, while average take-home pay over that period was £50,000, a difference of £98,000.

According to the research from Halifax, 90 per cent of these properties are found in London, the South-east and the East of England.

The top performers outside these areas were Warwick and South Northamptonshire where house price gains beat earnings by £24,723 and £14,837 respectively in 2014 and 2015.

In contrast, the area where earnings most outpaced house price rises was Carlisle.

Martin Ellis, from Halifax, said: “This is good news for some homeowners.

“However, it does make conditions tougher for those looking to buy their first home in some areas, with prices pushed increasingly out of range.”