Horror as passenger plane diverted following reports of smoke in the cockpit


The Sydney-bound Virgin Australia plane had set off from Hamilton Island carrying 160 passengers.

But flight VA1280 was diverted to Brisbane when the pilot detected an unusual odour in the front galley.


A Virgin Australia spokeswoman said: “In accordance with standard operating procedures, the Captain made the decision to land in Brisbane as a precautionary measure after an unusual odour was detected in the front galley of the aircraft.

“The aircraft was met on arrival by emergency services as a precautionary measure only.

“All passengers and crew have safely disembarked the aircraft.”

It comes just weeks after an Easy Jet plane due to land in Bristol had to be diverted after smoke was reported in the cabin.

Flight EZY6238, from Berlin to Bristol, had to land at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport after the incident.

A spokesperson for the low-cost airline confirmed the pilot had reported smoke in the cockpit.