ISIS behind cigarette price hike after string of attacks on delivery drivers


The terrorist group — commonly known as Daesh — obliterated a huge order after hijacking delivery trucks in the Sinai peninsula in Egypt this week.

The drivers were on their way to the Gaza Strip but needed to go through ISIS-occupied territory to make their deliveries.

They were spotted by militants and their supplies were set on fire – but the men fled with their lives.

Many working in the supply chain have been murdered by ISIS while attempting to smuggle products through the Middle East.

The severed head of an ISIS official was discovered with a cigarette in its mouth in Iraq a year ago.

A note found nearby read: “this is not permissible, Sheikh.”

ISIS occupied territories have seen a rise in black-market tobacco after religious police known as Hisbah began punishing smokers and cigarette traders.

A photo purported to be published by the terrorists shows Hisbah burning huge piles of cigarettes in Iraq recently.

One delivery driver, who asked to remain anonymous said: “There are already limited supplies due to the siege.

“And this move has made them even scarcer, so the price has gone up,” he told Middle East Monitor.

Tobacco is not specifically identified as illegal in the Koran but some believe that cigarettes are a slow form of suicide — which is banned.

Despite that it is alleged that ISIS are stealing smuggled cigarettes and alcohol and selling them to make money. 

They have also taken over used car lots to flog cars for cash. 

There have been several photos and videos of ISIS destroying alcohol published online too.

Similarly to the tobacco ban, the booze prohibition is having a detrimental effect on the Iraqi economy.

Deliveries to shops and bars in areas not held by ISIS have been forced to take pricey detours to avoid the murderous jihadists.