Jealous tycoon’s online war with lover’s dinner date


The harassment began after the financier discovered his fashion designer girlfriend had been enjoying dinner dates with the older man, the court heard. Austrian-born Thomas Badian, 46, director of Fitzrovia’s Cadence Capital Ltd, pleaded guilty to two counts of harassment by sending repeated electronic messages.

His target was Andrew de Candole – founder of Candole Residential – and the 62-year-old’s girlfriend Nateploy Thamsaroch.

Prosecutor Robert Simpson told Hammersmith magistrates’ court that Mr de Candole met Badian’s girlfriend Michaela Frankova five or six times for dinner.

He told the court that Ms Thamsaroch, believed nothing romantic was going on.

But she then received an email from what appeared to be her boyfriend’s account.

“It contained flight confirmation for Mr de Candole and Ms Frankova,” said Mr Simpson.

“However, he didn’t send the email and was sitting next to her when she received it.”

The email account had been set up by a phone number which matched one that had also sent threatening text messages to Mr de Candole, the court heard.

The couple began receiving emails from an address called “Project ADC”.

“This scared them because it suggested there was some sort of project against them,” said Mr Simpson.

“It became clear Badian had become fixated about Mr de Candole and Ms Frankova meeting.”

The defendant sent 10 emails to Ms Thamsaroch.

He also admitted making five prank calls to Mr de Candole, whom he also sent Instagram messages.

Badian was sentenced to a 12-month community order, including 100 hours’ community service work.

He was also made subject to a restraining order prohibiting any contact with his victims.

His lawyer Guy Ladenburg said: “It’s very unpleasant behaviour and he is deeply remorseful.”