Katie Hopkins sparks fury by saying Maddie McCann”s parents “must share blame”


She claimed Kate and Gerry McCann should take some blame for her disappearance.

The 41-year-old also insisted the heartbroken couple did not “deserve” the £11million of taxpayers’ cash shelled out to search for Madeleine.

One Twitter user wrote: “Katie Hopkins victim blaming the McCanns suggests people have no self control, the blame lies with whoever wrongly took what wasn’t theirs.”

Another added: “Yes they made a mistake. Thousands do the same every day and get away with it.

The mum-of-three said: “My children don’t want me to have the operation because they are scared for me.

“But I have said to them: ‘Don’t be scared for me, I am not scared. I have lived a happy life, made complete by the three of you.’

“I am lucky – I wake up every day feeling glad to be alive, and that is a gift not everyone has been given.”