Lad travels around the world rating the best McDonald”s menu items and some of them are


James, a tech startup employee, has eaten in more than 300 McDonald’s restaurants from the UK to Hawaii over the past five years.

He has sampled churros in Seoul, South Korea, Mango pineapple pies in Singapore and the Japanese Crab Croquette burger.

And the hungry lad has kindly reviewed each and every item on a blog — which has since taken the internet by storm.

Coming in first place is Thailand”s eclectic menu items, he said.

There you will be hard-pressed looking for a Big Mac as the south-east Asian franchises do not offer burgers, wraps or anything hand-held.

Instead customers are treated to a range of curries with rice and salad topped with the familiar oval McDonald’s egg.

James said: “Rice and wings are always a bestseller at Thai McDonald”s.

“They also continue to surprise me with their savoury pies which work surprisingly well.

“Growing up, McDonald”s pies were always sweet and mainly for dessert, so these rich savoury pies sound strange to me, but usually end up being tasty.”

“I first tried it many years before starting the blog, and it”s one of the few regular menu items I actually try more than once,” he said.

And dried fish in Sri Lanka gets a big thumbs up for its “perfect mix of local flavours”.

“It also happened to be one of the spiciest McDonald’s items I’ve ever had,” he added.

Japan deserves an honourable mention for its mouth-watering McChocolate Potato.

Combining fried potato chips and double chocolate sauce, it is a “decent play between the sweet, salt, and fat content of the fry,” according to James.

Even if you can”t afford to fly further afield, there is good news for British McDonald”s customers.

It recently announced it will add a new host of breakfast menu items for those