Laser beam shone at BA captain seconds away from Heathrow landing


Laser beam shone at BA captain seconds away from Heathrow landing

The beam was directed at a BA plane (Picture: Getty)

A BA plane coming into land at Heathrow Airport were targeted by a laser beam, police have confirmed.

An investigation has been launched after the captain was struck by the beam.

The plane, flying in from Amsterdam, landed safely.

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BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE Handout screengrab from footage dated 27/02/11 issued by the National Police Air Service of an incident in which a laser was directed at a police helicopter, leading to a man being arrested and charged. Pilot Ollie Dismore, director of operations for the NPAS has been targeted at least 20 times with a laser and has said it is

A man was jailed after pointing the beam at a police helicopter (Picture: PA)

Just last week a man was jailed for five months after shining a laser pen at a police helicopter while he was bored waiting for a takeaway.

Philip Houghton, 25, directed a laser beam from a small device as the helicopter hovered over his hometown, Hull.

The 25-year-old had bought the pen online from China to entertain his dog, Hull magistrates court heard.

The helicopter was being used to search for a suspect after a shooting in East Yorkshire.