Mother ‘raped just HOURS after giving birth in intensive care unit’


The shameful incident happened after the 23-year-old had a c-section to deliver her child and was kept in for observation overnight.

The suspected rapist was caught on CCTV entering the hospital in the early hours of the morning and allegedly assaulted the victim when other patients were asleep.

He managed to escape the the Brahm Shakti Sanjeevani Hospital, in India, once he spotted cameras the following morning.

The CCTV footage shows a man getting out from a car outside the hospital, and heading straight for the intensive care unit.

Police are conducting raids in Bahaduragarh in a bid to catch the alleged victim.

The relatives of the victims have now accused the hospital authority of negligence and claimed no staff were in the ICU when the incident took place.

The man caught on CCTV donning a hat appears to be on the phone as he walks through the hospital without appearing to be questioned.

He is then seen looking through different booths before lingering in one section.