MP to debate giving children under 11 meningitis jabs after 700,000strong petition


A record 770,7400 people signed the campaign which gained a surge in popularity after the parents of two-year-old Faye Burdett posted heartbreaking images of their young daughter fighting the deadly virus.

Thousands of parents rushed to their GP to pay for the vaccine after little Faye died from the infection on Valentine’s Day.

The heartbreaking image of the tot lying in her hospital bed riddled with septicaemia circulated on social media along with a petition calling for the Government to fund the vaccine for all youngsters. Currently only children born from July 1 are offered the vaccine for free, until they are aged five months.

Support also grew in its thousands after England ruby star Matt Dawson revealed his two-year-old son Sam was recovering after battling against meningitis C.

The petition blasts the Government’s plans to vaccinate only two to five-month-old babies because all children are at risk from the “terrible infection”.

It read: “There needs to be a rollout programme to vaccinate all children, at least up to the age of 11.”

The debate is expected to be announced on the subject on Tuesday after members said that the record-breaking online petition must be “taken seriously” because it had received such a groundswell of public support.

If approved, a Westminster Hall debate would take place within the next two or three weeks.

Petitions that attract more than 100,000 signatures will be considered for debate in Parliament. This particular campaign has so far eclipsed the petition to ban US presidential hopeful Donald Trump from the UK, which attracted 580,000 signatures and was discussed in the House of Commons.

The petition was launched by Lee Both from Newcastle in September after one of his two young daughters was deemed too old to have the vaccine on the NHS. He said he has been left “speechless” and “overwhelmed” by the “phenomenal” response.