Peacocks die at zoo ‘after visitors pick them up for selfies’


Peacocks die at zoo after visitors pick them up for selfies

Visitors can be seen irresponsibly picking up the birds

Another week, and yet another instance of humans depressingly causing the deaths of animals in the meaningless pursuit of a selfie.

Two peacocks died at a zoo in China after visitors picked up the birds and mishandled them as they tried to take photos.

Reports suggest that visitors to the Yunnan Wild Animal Park grabbed the birds for selfies and plucked out their feathers – before the photos were posted by a disgusted visitor on China social media site Weibo.

Pic shows: the scenes in which the tourists plucked the peacocks

One of the birds died of a heart attack

A Zoo spokesperson has since confirmed that visitors had been previously told not to touch the peacocks, and explained that they had lured the birds with food before grabbing their long tails.

Zookeepers immediately intervened when they saw the visitors hugging the peacocks, but one of the birds, a 5-year-old male, died of fright only half an hour after being grabbed.

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It’s thought that peacocks can suffer heart attacks when exposed to large shocks – and it’s this that caused the bird’s sorry demise.

It isn’t clear if the zoo will press charges against those responsible.