Storm uncovers ‘floating brothel’ which was lost beneath the waves in 1937


Storm uncovers

The wreckage was uncovered by El Nino storms (Picture Getty)

Violent El Nino storms have uncovered a very sinful vessel lost beneath the waves in 1937 – the Monte Carlo, which once hosted thousands of gamblers off the California coast.

The ship sat three miles offshore – where it was officially in international waters – and was notorious for gambling and prostitution.

After it sank, no one claimed ownership because, once on shore, this gambling and prostitution ship was illegal.

The SS Monte Carlo was an oil tanker launched in 1921 as the SS McKittrick but later became a gambling and prostitution ship.

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Monte Carlo was anchored 3 miles off Coronado Beach in San Diego where it was in international waters, outside the boundary of state and federal law.

During a storm on New Year’s Day in 1936 the anchor lost its hold and the ship drifted onto the beach.