Stunning bikiniclad babes hit ski slopes in swimwear



Daredevil snowboarders Katy Khmelevskaya and Veronica Kluging were snapped in their red hot outfits at a ski resort in Khvalynsk, Russia.

The girls, from Samara, Russia, braved temperatures as low as -15C and were filmed by video director Alexander Kalinin from Dr Creative.

The pair weren’t sure about doing the stunt at first but were excited by the sense of adventure.

Veronica laughed: “It was a very unexpected thing to do but we agreed as it was like an adventure and we love to snowboard.

“There aren’t many girls ready to get naked in freezing temperatures!

“It was scary thinking about taking your clothes off when it’s that cold but it was a great experience and I didn’t get flu or a sore throat like I thought I would.

“It was fun to see the reaction of people in warm clothes who saw us.

“This is an experience I will remember forever and tell my kids and grand-kids.”