WATCH Fish served for dinner comes back to life after downing shot of booze


The bizarre video shows a fish that had been sliced up and served on a dinner plate being fed a shot of alcohol.

The fish is seen served on a large white plate covered in a thick sauce before a hand reaches in and pours a shot glass full of an unknown alcoholic drink into its mouth.

It emerges just a day after a heartless fisherman dragged a flapping shark onto the beach for a photograph

Amazingly, the fish appears to swallow the liquid and close its mouth tightly before opening it again.

The odd footage has been shared on viral site LiveLeak where it has been viewed more than 130,000 times.

The clip then cuts out – leaving it unclear as to whether the fish is currently dead.

The footage has left viewers baffled and wondering what had been done to the fish to make it behave in this way.

One possible explanation to is that the creature could have been prepared in the Yin Yang Fish style.

The oriental cooking technique sees the animal with its head wrapped in a wet cloth to keep it alive while its body is cooked.

The practice has been banned in many countries and has been heavily criticised by animal rights activists.