WATCH This is why you should NEVER ever make the pizza delivery man wait


The footage shows the impatient delivery man shaking the fizzy drink vigorously as he waits for the customer to answer the door.

He also appears to shake a pizza box and is clearly agitated at having to wait.

Liverpool kebab house Kimos said it had sacked the worker after the CCTV footage came to light.

The takeaway said it had no hesitation in dismissing the driver and said customers were its number one priority.

Customer Mike Carter posted on Facebook: “Kimos take-away…we employ a*******s for delivery drivers…wait longer than 15 seconds and we”ll abuse your cans and pizza…spread the word!!”

Kimos has been based in Toxteth in the city for more than 25 years.

Owner Mohammed Hussain said he was furious to discover the driver”s antics and said he had only been employed for four days.