Woman freaks out over weird ‘alien’ creature found in UK garden


Christine Frampton thought she’d spotted a strange leaf at first but she was terrified when she realised it was alive.

Worried for her safety, she researched it on the internet to find out what it was and why it was there.

But the 73-year-old was even more agitated when she realised her neighbour had found a similarly weird animal.

The find comes just a week after a weird alien-like fish washed up on an Australian beach. 

Christine, from Brixham, Devon, recently found out that the weird creature was in fact a type of stick insect native to New Zealand.

The insect is believed to have been brought to the UK in a plant or a tree.

Roy Diamond, of Bug Life, said: “This is indeed a stick insect.

“Specifically a Prickly stick insect, an accidental import to the South West.”

He calmed Christine’s fears, claiming the insects are not invasive or harmful to plants and animals.