Burns victim shares horrific photos of his injuries to put young people off alcohol


Scott McLellan, from Ayr, Scotland, was just 17 at the time of the accident and spent two months in hospital recovering from serious burns.

Six years on, he has released the horrifying photos to warn young people of binge-drinking.

Mr McLellan said: “I was lucky not to die after my accident, something I can’t even remember happening, but the aftermath and recovery will live with me forever.

“I’ve spent a lot of time speaking to young people and it’s clear that most of them don’t consider an accident is something that’s likely to happen, but it can.”

The electrocution left him with extensive injuries and rendered him unconscious for two days.

Mr McLellan’s life is now back on track – he is studying at Ayr College and also works in a local hotel.

He added: “If we can even get one or two young people to learn from my mistake it will be a small victory.”

In Scotland there were 35,059 alcohol-related hospital stays in 2014/15, 91% resulting from an emergency admission.

71 per cent of these hospital stays were for men.

Councillor Rita Miller, chairwoman of the South Ayrshire Community Safety Partnership, said: “Scott’s story is a powerful reminder of the potential dangers of losing control after having too much to drink.

“It’s clear that young people are ending up in hospital with potentially life-changing injuries, simply because they don’t consider the potential consequences.”

Mr McLellan has also recorded his story on a DVD, which will be used in secondary schools across South Ayrshire to highlight the dangers of alcohol.