Cranberries star fined for police attack


Cranberries star Dolores O”Riordan fined for attack on police officer

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The singer found international fame with The Cranberries in the 1990s

Cranberries singer Dolores O”Riordan has been fined 6,000 euros (£4,690) for head-butting a police officer after an alleged air rage incident.

The artist was arrested at Shannon Airport in the Republic of Ireland in November 2014 after being taken off an flight from New York.

As she was being detained, O”Riordan told officers that she was an “icon” and the “Queen of Limerick”.

Last December, she admitted three assaults and obstructing an officer.


She was diagnosed as suffering bipolar disorder after the incident.

Medical reports given to the court showed she had been suffering mania and was mentally ill when it happened.

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O”Riordan was asked to pay her 6,000 fine to a prisoners” charity

At Ennis District Court in County Clare on Wednesday, a judge said it would be unfair to impose a criminal conviction on O”Riordan.


“Let me be utterly clear that the defendant is not being treated any differently than anyone else,” he said.

The judge asked for the money to be paid to a charity that helps prisoners ahead of their release from jail.

Originally from County Limerick in the west of Ireland, O”Riordan became a multi award-winning musician after first singing with the Cranberries when she was just 18.

The band went on to become one of the biggest of the 1990s, selling tens of millions of records.