Fedup judge tells serial offender “You”ve been in court almost as many times as I have”


Cumbria”s most senior judge Peter Davies, 54, heard how petty offender Dale Wardle had yet again been arrested and brought before him.

This time Wardle, 52, had admitted two assaults on his partner after a blazing row, when she quizzed him over whether he slept with another woman.

But as the judge read through his other 77 offences, he bemoaned the fact a man in his 50s was still stupidly falling on the wrong side of the law.

Exasperated Judge Davies told him: “You will be 53 later this year. It”s time you put all of this behind you, don”t you agree?

“He”s two years younger than me and he”s been in court almost as often as I have!

“If you commit further offences during the community order you will see me and I will send you to prison. This is your chance – and you are are not having another chance.”

Wardle appeared at Carlisle Crown Court on Monday to admit kicking his partner in the groin during the domestic row at their home in Workington, Cumbria, last year.

He pleaded guilty to two assaults on the woman which caused her actual bodily harm, as well as an offence of handling a stolen iPhone.

Prosecutor Laura Nash told how Wardle has spent the equivalent of a nine-month jail sentence in custody waiting for the latest case to be dealt with.

She described how on a day in August last year Wardle”s partner Ann Marie Gardiner had been pushing her aunt in wheelchair through Workington when the three noticed a woman walking past.

Miss Gardiner asked Wardle if he had been with the women but he instead lashed out at her in a flash of anger.

Miss Nash explained: “His response was to kick her to the groin.”

A second assault happened the previous day at their home, when Wardle and Miss Gardiner had again had a heated row about previous sexual partners.