Kim Jongun could be kicked out of North Korea for spending too much cash on military


The roly-poly dictator could be ousted by senior members of his own military if he cannot tackle Pyongyang’s failing economy.

A Seoul-commissioned report on Kim”s brutal regime made the shocking revelation, a South Korean news agency said.

It reportedly read: “The stability of the Kim regime and party-military relations hinges on the country’s economic growth and continued military spending.

“In the event of an economic failure, a shift in the Kim regime could emerge as the military – rather than regular North Koreans – would first demand a shift in party-military relations or call for a military-centric order.”

The report also stated the military has more power than the tubby tyrant’s Workers’ Party in some areas of the secretive state.

It comes just days after the rogue state defied Western opposition, revealing plans to “conquer space” by launching more satellites.

Kim labelled space exploration a “strategic goal” at an awards ceremony decorating those involved in the rocket launch this month, according to local media.

Pyongyang sparked international outrage when it launched the Kwangmyongsong-4 satellite just a month after successfully testing a Hydrogen bomb.

On Tuesday the president of South Korea threatened tough action against its neighbour to help it come to the “bone-numbing realisation” that nuclear activity will only cause its downfall.

President Park Geun-hye pledged further “strong” measures after suspending operations at a jointly-run industrial park.