Photographer climbs SKYSCRAPER to capture moment lightning strikes Burj Khalifa


But the lengths one intrepid photographer went to to capture the image are even more incredible – after he climbed out onto a skyscraper roof in the middle of a storm for two hours to make sure he snapped the perfect shot.

Mohammad Azmi, 29, climbed out onto the rooftop of a 56 storey building in Dubai”s business area, opposite the Burj Khalifa, during a thunderstorm last week.

Despite fearing that he could be struck by lightning at any second, he braved the weather for long enough to get this heart-stopping image.

Azmi said: “I was very nervous and scared as there was a high chance getting struck by lightning as I was exposed on the rooftop.

“But I was determined to take a lightning shot as I have been trying to take it for the last two years, so I was very determined.

“It was raining and hailing it was very hard to shoot properly – I was worried about my photography gear as well as my own life.

“I took almost 400 images to capture the lightning but I only got one perfect shot of lightning.

“The weather channels have warned us that it was going to be really bad weather from afternoon with some hail and lightning.

“It”s only happened twive in the last two years, so I had all my gear ready to go – I had planned this for a long time.

“I would not recommend people trying going to a rooftop when there is a thunderstorm to capture it.

“There were a few instances where I actually felt the electric sensation when the lightning passed by near to the tower. If want to shoot the phenomena just make sure you are at a safe location.”