SHOCK PIC Puppy born with NO HEAD and three legs is branded demon dog


Dog owner Jesus Chirinos Palenzuela said it was his female dogs sixth litter of puppies, and everything had been going fine until he noticed one of the puppies seemed to be moving strangely.

And Jesus, who is a mechanic in his South American hometown, was horrified when he grabbed it to look more closely and saw that its head, which he thought had been turned to one side, actually did not exist. In addition, he counted only three legs. 

He said that the mutated dog was moving but only lived for a few minutes after being born in the Lindo neighbourhood of the city of Cabimas in north-western Venezuela, which is located on the shore of Lake Maracaibo. The other two puppies that were born alongside it were healthy and normal.

Princesa (Princess), which belongs to Jesus, gave birth to the newborn that had something similar to a neck and at the end two ‘horns’ which he suspected might be underdeveloped ears. 

Instead of two front legs it had a single leg that appeared to be the two front legs fused together, and the back legs had seven toes on one side, and eight toes on the other. The puppy appeared to be female. 

He said: “I was absolutely stunned and ran to my neighbours to let them know what had happened. They also didn”t believe me until they saw it for themselves.” 

He said everybody had named the puppy “the demon” and neighbours have described it as a miracle and a sign that Jesus Christ was soon to visit.

But another neighbour Chiros Palenzuela said he saw it as a sign of evil and “a devilish thing”.