Step aside Zoolander Coby the Cat nails Blue Steel with beautiful eyes


The British Shorthair has become a sensation because cat lovers cannot get enough of looking into his icy eyes.

An army of 287,000 fans are following his Instagram account which show him in a variety of poses, but each one lit up with a gaze that would put Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra, in the shade.

Im too fluffy for my shirt.

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He tells followers: “I have big blue eyes and an even bigger personality. I love tuna, stealing covers and playing with my ducky in the tub.”

Coby is owned by New York art director Rebecca Schefkind who says: “I started an Instagram account for my cat as a joke.

After 150,000 followers as well as free food and supplies from sponsors, I started to take it slightly more seriously. Slash I went full on crazy cat lady.”