Terrified mum discovers sleeping son covered in blood after 10ft python bites his head


Six-year-old Tyler was sleeping in the top bunk when a 10-foot plunged his teeth into his face and hand. 

Tyler”s mother Tamara Thurgood ran to her bleeding son and dragged him away from the snake at their home in New South Wales, Australia. 

A family friend later killed the and in a photo posted online, a friend is seen holding the beast, who is not thought to be venomous, above his head. 

Tamara Thurgood said: “Thursday night at about 11.30pm I woke to hear Tyler”s painful scream, I jumped out of bed and went to Tyler to find a big snake wrapped around the bed head. 

“I grabbed his arm to pull him off the bed but he was stuck so I rolled him and then pulled. 

“He had been bitten on the face and on the finger. 

“I then called my cousin Skye, who woke he partner Daniel then rang her brother Brady (who was next door). 

“Both the boys were there within five minutes. I said I won”t be happy until the snake is dead. 

“I”d say both boys were scared but stayed to make sure they got the snake that attacked my son. 

“I”d like to move on and try to forget about the ordeal.” 

The images of Tyler covered in blood and the python dangled on the floor have been shared thousands of times on social media. 

He was taken to hospital to be treated for bite marks to his face and hands and is recovering at home. 

The terrifying attack comes a week after a six-year-old girl was died after she reportedly trod on a snake in Australia. 

The child was bitten and rushed to hospital, when her family realised she had been attacked, in New South Wales where she was given anti-venom. 

She was transferred to Sydney Children”s Hospital and place on life support, medics were unable to save her.