WATCH Crazy footage of this 3D painting might just blow your mind


Patrick Hughes, 76, has spent his whole life creating mesmerising, discombobulating, confusing and dizzying art and he has definitely cracked it with his latest work, Superduperperspective.

A two-dimensional picture of the painting does not do it justice.

You can only appreciate it by watching the video footage. As the cameraman walks around an art gallery in Birmingham you can see just how many different ways there of looking at the same painting. It is almost impossible to describe.

Patrick himself said: “When the principles of perspective are reversed and solidified into sculpted paintings something extraordinary happens. The mind is deceived into believing the impossible, that a static painting can move of its own accord.”

The painting has produced a rash of gob-smacked comments on Twitter.

David Hobby wrote: “I passed out while looking at this 3D painting and when I woke up I could smell colours.”

Slideyfoot wrote: “Pretty cool how this picture messes with your eyes.”