WATCH Explosive moment rocket slams into ISIS suicide car speeding towards Syrian town


The explosive footage shows the jihadi suicide vehicle hurtling towards a Kurdish-held town in the Syrian desert.

But a perfect hit from a missile sees it explode into a huge fireball.

Kurdish rebels backed by the US were behind the blast.

They are among a number of groups “mopping up” the area outside the town of Al-Shadadi.

The settlement was a stronghold for the depraved ISIS death cult until US-led airstrikes pulverised the group into submission.

UK-based human rights activists have said rebel fighters have now secured the area.

The group”s twisted jihadis have since embarked on a counter-offensive, employing improvised weapons such as the thwarted car bomb.

Defence experts have speculated that the explosive used to blast the ISIS fighters into oblivion was a US anti-tank missile.

Many named the explosive as a portable FGM-148 Javelin, a favourite of the American army.

The incident is the latest in a string of humiliating defeats for ISIS, also known as Daesh.

Defence chiefs claim the group is “beginning to crack” under the pressure of coalition airstrikes.

Repeated attacks have hit the death cult”s recruitment and finances – leading some to speculate that the leaders of the so-called caliphate will lash out.

Security bosses are said to fear a Paris-style atrocity on British soil.