WATCH Sicko urinates on unsuspecting girl in park


The woman seems to be having an argument with the men around her before a man, dressed in a black, coat walks behind her to urinate on her jacket.

She sits still as he does his business, apparently unaware of the flow of liquid hitting her yellow jacket.

The other men in the clip erupt into laughter as the unknown bloke finishes relieving himself.

She sits completely still on a park bench in the Russian park until the end of the video.

Whether she is aware of what is going on or is too frightened to react remains unclear.

The film ends with the group of men laughing hysterically and taking a closer look at her drenched clothes.

It was uploaded to LiveLeak and has been viewed over 30,000 times.

The footage comes just days after a young woman was caught taking a poo in a train station photo booth.

The woman, apparently unaware she was being filmed, was snapped in a not-so-private cubicle in a Paris train station.