GRAPHIC CONTENT Evil driver DRAGS dog from pickup truck in sickening footage


Animal lovers from across the globe have condemned the terrifying footage of the dog hanging by its neck and its body scraping along the road surface. 

The poor animal seems to give a jolt before hanging limply as the white truck bumps along on its frantic journey. 

It is feared the dog died after its appalling ordeal which was filmed by psychologist Janet Noseda who was travelling behind with a companion in another car near the village of Alhue in central Chile’s Santiago Metropolitan Region. 

Noseda, who says her own car was spattered with the dog’s blood and flesh, published the number plates of the truck and made an official complaint to the authorities, but says she has received no response. 

Noseda Tweeted in Spanish: “I filmed a truck, of which a dog was hanged until it was killed.

“I thank everyone who shared this case of abuse. 

Social condemnation can be worse than jail.” The footage has gone viral and sparked online outrage on Petition Hub with animal lovers calling for the driver to be punished. 

Comments calling for revenge and fitting court sentences have come in from around the world. 

Erie Asai from Japan said: “I want to do the same thing to this man..” Jackie Kyle in New Zealand said: “An eye for an eye!” Francia Burg from the United States said: “We demand justice.” 

And Karen Taogaga, also from the US, added: “I have no words. Please arrest this evil monster.” Annice Davis from the United Kingdom simply said: “Punish.”