Battle for Mosul Giant explosion rocks the battlefield as ISIS suicide car bomb rams tank


In the jaw-dropping clip ISIS terrorists are seen speeding towards an Iraqi tank. 

But troops attempt to drive the tank away as the car full of ISIS suicide bombers rams into the heavily armoured vehicle. 

Footage of the explosion shows the car continue to veer out of control moments before crashing into other cars before blowing up sending a fireball and plume of dark grey smoke into the air. 

Dark grey smoke hangs in the air as the battle to reclaim the city from the crazed jihadis continues. 

The video emerged as jihadis warned they would fight back with suicide bombs and potentially use chemical weapons. 

The explosion rocked the battlefield to the south east of the Iraqi city. 

today to seize the northern city. 

Mosul has been an ISIS stronghold since June 2014 following six days of fighting, declaring it the capital of the terror group in Iraq. 

It was from Mosul”s Grand Mosque in 2014 that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared a “caliphate” spanning regions of Iraq and Syria.

A force of some 30,000 Iraqi and Kurdish Peshmerga forces and Sunni tribal fighters have begun to advance.

Helicopters released flares and explosions could be heard on the city”s eastern front, as Kurdish fighters moved forward to take outlying villages earlier today. 

but it’s thought between 4,000 and 8,000 ISIS terrorists remain in Mosul. 

The Pentagon said that Iraqi forces were meeting objectives and were ahead of schedule on the first day of the offensive.

Residents left in Mosul are said to be stockpiling food and preparing makeshift defences as officials say the battle could take weeks or even months. 

Iraqi security forces are moving residents out of the city as the fighting, which is currently on the outskirts of the city, reaches the centre. 

Video showing rockets and bursts of tracer bullets across the night sky and loud bursts of gunfire was shown on Qatar-based al-Jazeera television after Prime Minister Haider Abadi, using the synonym Daesh for ISIS, announced “the heroic operations to free you from the terror and oppression of Daesh.

“We will meet soon on the ground in Mosul to celebrate liberation and your salvation.”

The commander of the coalition, US Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend, said the operation to take Iraq”s second largest city would likely continue for weeks, “possibly longer”.

The Pentagon played down any new role for US forces in the battle saying American personnel were behind the forward line of troops and acting in an advisory role to support Iraqis.

When Mosul falls, Raqqa in Syria will be ISIS’s last city stronghold.

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter said: “This is a decisive moment in the campaign to deliver ISIL a lasting defeat.

“We are confident our Iraqi partners will prevail against our common enemy and free Mosul and the rest of Iraq from ISIL”s hatred and brutality.”

ISIS’s Amaq news agency said the group had launched 10 suicide attacks on advancing forces near Mosul and that Peshmerga forces had encircled five villages but failed to take them.