Bloke caught on live TV licking his fingers and mimicking putting them up woman’s bum


The short clip shows a man in a bright blue Miami Dolphins polo shirt standing next to an attractive woman wearing all black with a giant Pittsburgh Steelers top hat on.

While she waves around a yellow scarf feverishly at the match, the bloke signals to a friend off camera and appears to point at her bum.

He then sticks two of his fingers into his mouth and mimes poking her in the bottom with them, before giving the universally recognised hand sign for “OK”.

Meanwhile, the hat-wearing lady looks down in her lap, unaware of the banter bomb that just detonated to her right.

It is unclear exactly whether the two attended the game together, or what might have warranted such an unusual celebration but viewers were delighted the man had been busted by the cameras.

“I was hoping someone saw this, amazing haha!” said one viewer.

Another said: “Aw man, that had better be his wife or he has some explaining to do!”

The incident occurred during the Dolphins unexpected victory over the Steelers in Florida yesterday (October 16).

London-born running back Jay Ajayi, tipped as one of the hottest prospects in the NFL, had 25 carries for an incredible 204 yards during the 30-15 win.