Chilling pictures of Pyongyang exposed after Kim Jongun”s WW3 threat to US


In a clear two fingers up to the secretive state, the eerie pictures beamed down from Space have been published for the world to see.

And they”re very interesting viewing.

The aerial shots appear normal at first glance, but as you look closer, there appears to be something strange going on.

It shows landmarks like the Kim II-Sung Stadium and the Arch of Triumph.

The popular dolphinarium and water park are also visible.

One shot, spotted by UrtheCast engineers, shows a group of people walking within the ostentatious Palace of the Sun, where past leaders are put on display.

The pictures are sure to anger dictator Kim Jong-un, who is determined to keep North Korea”s activities secret from the world after threatening to spark .

It recently launched its fifth missile test after finding a nuke shooter capable of reaching US military bases.

And to blow the US to pieces if it took any action against them.