Couple getting dirty in public attacked by man”s heartbroken girlfriend and angry pals


In the clip a young woman leans her back against the glass wall of an office block as a man passionately kisses her in a lusty clinch.

Excited the girl starts to nibble on his chest before he pushes her back against the wall for a vigorous snog. 

He can even be heard saying: “Oh yes. Yes. Great! Great! You are beautiful.”

But then things take a violent turn for the worse when the chap”s girlfriend catches them.

She storms in with a group of pals, rips the pair apart and stars viciously punching the girl in the face.

The man tries to stand in the way but there are too many of them and his mistress takes blow after blow in the face and has her hair pulled.

As the attack continues the person filming narrates the brawl, pretending to be the angry girlfriend, saying: “What are you doing? Why are you stealing my boyfriend, you cow?”

The clip – filmed in Russia – has racked up a whopping 115,000 hits.

But this isn”t the first time a cheat has been caught out by their partner.

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