FRENCH TERROR Man, 21, and pregnant teenage lover arrested over ISIS plots


The couple appeared in front a counter-terror judge, who accused the two youngsters of “collaborating with a terrorist group”, and ordered the pair to be held in pre-trial detention.

Police officers found the couple had been communicating with 29-year-old Rachid Kassim – an ISIS recruiter and the terror group’s chief propagandist – via the encrypted messaging app Telegram and plotting attacks.

Anti-terror police are said to have been watching the couple for some time, but, according to police source for AFP, decided to finally arrest the two youths after finding out that they were planning to launch an “imminent” attack on the orders of Mr Kassim.

Police officers arrested the unemployed duo last week in Noisy-le-Sec, a drab suburb north-east of Paris.

The 17-year-old girl, who is expecting a child with her 21-year-old boyfriend, told police officers she would “never” have carried out a terrorist attack whilst pregnant.

She is said to have converted to Islam two years ago, aged 15, and claims she was “forced” to do so by her boyfriend, also a Muslim convert.

Mr Kassim has been using Telegram’s ‘secret’ chat rooms to remotely plan a string of attacks in France from his home in ISIS-held territory.

But, although the vast majority of his plots have been successfully thwarted, the propagandist is said to have masterminded the Normandy church attack in July, during which an 86-year-old priest was brutally slaughtered by two jihadists.

Mr Kassim is also thought to be responsible for the death of two French police officers in June, who were killed in their home by a radical Islamist; and is said to have formed the ‘all-female’ jihadist cell behind the foiled car bomb attack in central Paris last month. 

More than 15 radical Islamists with close links to Mr Kassim have been arrested in the last three months alone, French government officials said.