How good is your eyesight? If you can’t count red dots you might be colour blind


A colour-blind test, uploaded to Playbuzz, has challenged users to a seemingly “easy” game of counting.

But there”s a catch – the red dots are hidden among a sea of circles of similar shades of orange and pink.

The puzzle has divided challengers as they attempt to solve all eight questions.

Some people reported not seeing any red dots – while others said it was the only colour they saw.

A few have also claimed the colours changed as they were counting.

So how many red dots can you find?

**SPOILER ALERT: Answers below**

Users who score more than 50% are told they have “impressive eyesight”.

While getting 100% apparently suggests you are a robot.

Nicole Perera – who successfully spotted all the red dots – commented: “I could see the red easily – but it was just hard to keep track of the ones I had already counted.”

Laurie Robbins added: “100% – but my eyes hurt.”