Muslim woman lashed 23 times for breaking Sharia law by being “close” to her boyfriend


The woman was seen crying in agony as she was lashed in front of a baying crowd for breaking Sharia law.

She was just one of 13 women who was punished in the orthodox Indonesian province of Aceh.

Each woman was lashed between nine and 25 times, depending on the severity of their crime.

The alleged crimes they were deemed guilty of included inappropriate acts, such as khalwat, which is affectionate contact by an unmarried couple, and ikhtilat, which is intimacy or mixing – both of which are in violation of Islamic bylaw.

One of the women, just 22-years-old, had her lashes delayed as she is currently pregnant.

Aceh’s deputy mayor, Zainal Arifin, said: “The punishment will be handed down after she gives birth.

“Caning sentences have been enforced many times in the city of Banda Aceh.

“This proves that the government and the people of Banda Aceh are committed to implementing and enforcing the Sharia.”

The deputy mayor added that he hoped the lashings would act as a deterrent for any future offenders.

Arifin said: “We hope there are no more people in Banda Aceh who break the law in future.”

Aceh introduced Islamic law after being granted autonomy in 2001.

Civilians face being flogged for anything including gambling, drinking alcohol or even being gay.

The region is close to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India and is the only province in Indonesian subject to Sharia law.

A growing number of Aceh residents are being lashed, with the number of women being beaten rising rapidly.

A staggering 90 per cent of Indonesia describes itself as Muslim, making it the world”s most populous Islamic nation.

Despite the huge Islamic population, most citizens practice the moderate form of the religion.