SEA SURGE WARNING Britain on flood alert as Hurricane Nicole sparks HUGE Atlantic waves


The category-1 storm is currently charging northeastwards across the Atlantic with latest models showing landfall with Greenland by midweek

Currently whipping up winds of almost 80mph, Nicole is will more than likely have been downgraded to an ex-hurricane by the time it hits.

However intense low pressure associated with the storm will drag a colossal sea swell towards Europe and the UK, experts have warned.

Storm surges or swells are triggered when plunging air pressure causes local sea levels to rise into gigantic mounds of water which end up being dragged across the sea.

Resulting waves, which are much bigger and more powerful than those generated by seasonal winds, have previously devastated coastal regions with tonnes of water being thrown over sea defences.

Britons have been urged to remain vigilant in exposed regions over the next week with surfers warned to expect dangerous sea conditions and deadly rip currents.

Ocean charts show Iceland and Greenland in the firing line to take the brunt of Nicole’s fallout although strong winds and large waves are forecast around the UK coast later this week and into the weekend.

America’s National Hurricane Centre has raised the alarm with serious knock-on effects predicted around the United States, Europe and west Africa.

It has warned to prepare for “dangerous” conditions across the Atlantic including in waters around Europe.

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